Much Greater Protection Offered By The Xenith X2 Helmet

February 13, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Recreation & Sports

As football progresses it becomes an evermore extreme game, full of violent contact often to the head. That is why the protection offered by the Xenith X2 helmet is so important to the wearers and their loved ones. Not only does this offer probably the best protection available, the manufacturers are also fighting the dangers on the cultural front too.

This game subjects its players to impacts from all angles. Contact to the head is both forceful and angular and collisions can be sudden and from any direction. This can cause immense pressure on the skull both inside and out as the head and brain try to move together from the force, and sometimes lead to concussion.

This is why the Xenith is constructed differently to most protective helmets. Instead of a solid foam the padding is made from an arrangement of small shock absorbing legs, together with an air pocket. This arrangement reduces the speed of movement thus reducing the movement of the brain within the skull, cushioning the impact and diffusing the energy.

As the shock absorbers absorb the speed and force the head movement is reduced, the brain does not move so violently inside the skull, thus reducing the risk of a concussive impact. The manufactures are working towards ever better innovations to protect the players, but are also aware, that reducing damage to the players in this way is only part of a long term solution to vastly reducing the risks.

Education about the reasons for concussion and its severity are on the agenda of this helmet manufacturer. By raising awareness of concussion and its symptoms, the company hope to reduce the culture to play on through an injury. In addition it is important to make sure that people get proper treatment, and avoid the risk of a second impact which could be highly dangerous. By removing the extreme side of this sport the amount of really bad injuries may be reduced.

By helping to rule out the more extreme and aggressive form of football this company believes that the real meaning of the game, the ethics and team building strengths will come to the fore. This will encourage many more people to be part of this game and will experience the life skills it encourages when played properly. Ultimately being a big step in growing the popularity of this iconic game.

This is a helmet to suit everyone. With seven available sizes and optional comfort pads to improve the fit there is one just right for everyone. A variety of colours and face mask shapes make it able to fit your personality, whilst adding choices of chin strap or coloured chin cups will make your helmet pretty unique.

The innovation in the Xenith X2 helmet means it is built with the best quality of manufacture and materials. Not only is it light and highly protective, it is also built to last. With the many sizes and choices available it has to be the helmet for any serious sportsman.

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