What Causes Excessive Sweating: Too Much Coffee

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Almost everyone loves their morning cup of coffee. There’s something energizing about a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. After the first sip most people say they feel awake, alive and ready to take on the rest of the day. The warmth of the coffee and the caffeine in the brew makes the drink the perfect pick me up of choice for billions of people.

What does coffee do to you? More than just being a stimulant that get’s people going, the caffeine kick that coffee offers also does several other things to your system. For one it stimulates your heart to pump at a faster rate, your pulse to quicken and you start sweating. Lots of people say that sweating is associated with how much caffeine you take in every day.

What Causes Excessive Sweating Is it Your Morning Coffee?

Hyperhidrosis is serious problem that is being experienced by millions of people across America. Some people experience sweating only in certain situations or conditions, but there are those who are faced with the problem every day of their lives. For them, profuse sweating of their hands, feet and underarms are a common occurrence. However, this does not make the problem any less embarrassing for them when they are in public places or mingling with a lot of people. Hyperhidrosis is misunderstood even until now.

Clinical studies have shown that some cases of hyperhidrosis can be traced back to caffeine intake. The daily cups of coffee and cans of soda consumed all throughout the day is said to be the cause for the overstimulation of the body’s sweat glands. It could either be because of the temperature of the drink too that makes people sweat more coupled with the inherent effects of caffeine on the adrenal system.

If you’re one of those people who sweat copious amounts after drinking coffee in the morning, you can address the problem through a little trial and error. First, try taking cold or iced coffee instead of your usual steaming mug and see if you still react the same way. If less perspiration is produced then it was the heat that was making you sweat excessively. If the cold drink however still makes you sweat too much, then it might be time to switch to decaf.

So what causes sweating? Coffee is not the only source of caffeine, and therefore should not be the only thing avoided by people with sweating problems. Soda and other energy drinks are also pumped full of sweat stimulating caffeine. If you’re looking at stopping your problem with too much perspiration you should also cut back on those, if not totally eliminate them from your list of favorite beverages.

Many experiments are conducted to know what causes excessive sweating and why it is uncommon for women to sweat more than their normal. Men and women have different amount of perspiration and because of human evolution, the society accept the fact that it is normal to see men to sweet too much than women.


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