Creating a Like Page on Facebook and How to Regularly Post in It.

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We constantly ask ourselves what to post daily on our Church Facebook Page and from where we can get materials to post.

I know that with all the other church responsibilities we have, posting on a custom facebook page can be somewhat of a challenge. So here are a few ways to get that done.

1. Try talking about last Sunday’s sermon.

If you can ask somebody from your church to take notes about your sermon and make 5 posts, so you would have one for each work day, out of your message that can be talked about on Facebook.

For example: Sunday the preacher talked about forgiving people. Why is it so hard for us to do that?


The pastor preached on creation a week ago. Did dinosaurs really roamed the earth with mankind?

2. Bible Devotions on a daily basis.

Our congregations at times (or often) forget to read their Bibles daily. You can casually post something from your own daily reading and simply comment on it. Example: I have read Romans 1: 24-25 today. What lie were people believing in these passages?

You should try encouraging your members to read their bibles at least once in each day. There is no better way but to be an example to them.

3. A prayer for things that are happening in the present.

Have somebody who is fond of praying say a prayer for something that is happening today.

For example: God, please protect our soldiers and always be with them as they are in war.

If in any case you decide to pray for a specific person, please bear in mind that sharing prayer requests that are personal can cause problems due to its sensitive nature. Before posting anything personal, you should get out of your way and ask the people concerned to show that you respect their privacy.

4. Survey your congregation by learning how tocreate a like page on facebook.

People naturally love to voice out their own opinion on any given subject. Your congregation is no different. Ask them a poll question and begin to prepare them for the Weekend Message.

For instance: I’m speaking on tithing. Does Jesus care how much we contribute?

5. Sparingly share announcements

Keep in mind! Facebook is for Interactions, not your church bulletin. On the flip side, it may be useful once or twice a week to remind your congregation of important upcoming events.

6. Last but definitely not the least, find ways to meet requirements and minister.

Whether people are in achurch or logged in on Facebook, they need to know God’s ways and at the same time need to be introduced to Christ. Please DON’T forget the reason we are on this earth is to share the gospel with ALL the world.

For further information on how to make a like page on facebook, feel free to visit Chad Gleaves’ site.


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